Billing Information

If you have a question regarding your bill, please contact MultiMed at 1-800-927-5845.

Why does the Ogdensburg Volunteer Rescue Squad Bill for service?

In 1995 it became apparent that the OVRS could no longer meet its obligation to provide Emergency Medical Service without finding a new source of funding. Donations were no longer keeping pace with the cost of providing service and the governing bodies of the local municipalities let us know that they were unable to provide the necessary increase in funding.

To remain in business and provide improved EMS care, the OVRS contracted with MultiMed to bill our patients for services rendered. Billing now accounts for 90% of our income.

All patients treated or transported by the Ogdensburg Volunteer Rescue Squad are billed for the services provided. Every effort is made to bill the patient’s insurance company directly. When that is not possible, when the patient is uninsured, or when the insurance does not cover the cost of service the patient will be billed directly. Patients are asked to contact MultiMed at the above number with questions or problems concerning their bill.