Extrication Team

Extrication Coordinator: Matt McDonald

The Extrication Unit is made up of OVRS members trained in the use of the extrication truck and tools. Members of this unit have completed a NYS vehicle extrication course and a safe driving course for emergency vehicle operators. The Unit is responsible for all motor vehicle accident extrication within our response area, and often assists nearby units under mutual aid. In addition, the unit is often called upon to provide power and lighting at the scenes of fires and other emergencies. The unit is dispatched to all water related emergencies and provides support for the Offshore Rescue Team.

The truck, purchased from Firehouse Apparatus & Equipment Company in Auburn, NY and built by 4-Guys Inc. in Meyersdale, PA has a 16 foot custom built stainless steel Walk In Rescue Unit mounted on a 2000 Chevrolet C8500 cab and chassis.

The truck is equipped with the AMKUS Ultimate System for extrication. It is equipped with six hydraulic rescue tools (30CX Spreader, 25HD Cutter, Speedway Cutter, Combination Cutter-Spreader, 40 Inch Ram, and 30 Inch Ram). The spreader, both cutters, and one ram are pre-connected to the Ultimate System with 100’ of hydraulic line on electric rewind reels. The system also includes a master safety console with 100’ of line allowing the Safety Officer to shut off each tool individually in the event of a problem.

The truck boasts a 15 KVA hydraulic driven dual voltage (120/240) single phase AC generator and two 200 foot extension cords on electric rewind reels. Each cord is capable of providing both 220 and 110 volts at the end of the cord.

The vehicle is also equipped with a 6000 watt Night Scan Light Tower mounted on a pneumatic mast that can extend 15 feet above the top of the vehicle in one minute. The light tower has complete directional positioning, is remotely operated, and can withstand wind speeds of 65 mph. Two 750 watt portable Alpha quartz lights with telescopic poles are mounted on the rear of the truck with detachable tripod bases.

The truck includes an air conditioned & heated command center / crew compartment equipped with radios and a cell phone. This space will provide an area for Extrication Team, and Off Shore Rescue Team members to suit up. It will provide a place out of the elements for rehabilitation of personnel at emergency sites, and can be used as a command post at a major emergency incident.

In addition to the hydraulic rescue tools, and emergency lighting, the truck also carries two 26 ton air bags, two 10 ton air bags, two 7 ton air bags along with their air tanks and controllers, and a set of rescue jacks. The truck carries an AED (automated external defibrillator), oxygen and first aid supplies, several backboards, a basket stretcher, and hand tools.

The members of the Ogdensburg Volunteer Rescue Squad would like to thank all of the individuals, organizations, and businesses that supported us with their donations for the purchase of this truck. We invite you to stop in at our building, 101 State Street, Ogdensburg, NY to look over the truck and perhaps consider joining our organization.

Always Accepting Applications For Membership!