Standby Policy

Approved by the Board of Directors 6/13/2002

The Ogdensburg Volunteer Rescue Squad is pleased to be asked to provide standby coverage for your event. The following guidelines have been developed to provide a clear understanding between your group and the OVRS.

The primary function of the OVRS is to provide EMS and rescue service in the City of Ogdensburg, Town of Oswegatchie, Village of Heuvelton, and Town of Depeyster. The ability of the OVRS to provide a standby is contingent upon the availability of personnel, vehicles, and equipment to adequately staff the event without compromising this function.

All parties must recognize that there is an expense to the OVRS to provide this service to your organization or event. The OVRS is non-profit (501-c) organization and should not be expected to suffer a financial loss to provide standby coverage.

There will be no charge for a standby when all of the following conditions are met. Your group is a not for profit organization. The event is for the benefit of your group or other not for profit organization. The event can be covered with a BLS volunteer crew or with the duty crew. The ambulance and crew is free to leave the event to answer other calls as required.

A fee may be charged for the standby if any of the following conditions are present. Your group is a for profit organization. The standby must be staffed with an ALS crew. The OVRS must utilize paid personnel to provide the standby. The ambulance and crew are not free to leave the event to answer other calls. Specialized services other than an ambulance and crew must be provided. Some examples might be power, lights, boat, divers, etc.

If an admission fee is charged for the event, all OVRS volunteer staff members actually working the standby should be provided with one admission ticket for the event. The volunteer may use this ticket for a family member or friend.

Provisions should be made to feed the standby crew when the time frame of the event makes it appropriate. Volunteer members working the standby should not be charged for this.

Fees, staffing levels, and incidental details will be negotiated on an event by event basis. A written agreement will be signed by both organizations prior to the start of any standby.

Requests to provide a standby should be made to the OVRS Director of Operations.

The OVRS reserves the right to reject any and all requests to provide a standby.