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The Ogdensburg Volunteer Rescue Squad currently has 39 volunteer members with the following certification levels:

12 EMT-B
21 Drivers

The OVRS is constantly seeking new volunteer members.

As a member of the OVRS you will:

Have the opportunity to serve your community in a meaningful way!
Be a part of a leading Emergency Medical Care Provider!
Experience the reward of helping others in times of need!
Gain valuable knowledge and learn new skills!
Make a difference in the lives of others!
Make new friends!

The OVRS provides volunteers with:

Free Uniforms

Free Training in
CPR and Emergency Medical Care
Emergency Vehicle Operation
Vehicle Extrication
Boat Operation
Scuba Diving

Membership in the St. Lawrence Federal Credit Union

Workman’s Compensation Insurance*
Malpractice and Liability Insurance*
Death and Disability Insurance*

*for injuries and incidents occurring while on duty

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Current Membership & Level

Rusty Darcy AEMT-CC R. Storm Cilley - AEMT-CC
Brenton Lagrow AEMT-CC Mike Kennedy AEMT-CC
Tyler Clark AEMT-CC Bruce Lewis AEMT-CC
Dave Montroy EMT John Porter EMT
Claude Bennett EMT Colin Sayer EMT
Sara Simpson EMT Casey Jones EMT
Tyler Savage EMT Casey Jones EMT
Malcolm Dix EMT Mike McCullagh EMT
Grover Katzman EMT Ellen Young EMT
Mike Paige Driver Charlie Able Driver
Justin Martel Driver Matt McDonald Driver
Jeannie McLear Driver Jared Vinch Driver
Tyler Beaulieu Driver Colin McCarthy Driver
David Ford Driver Nate McNally Driver
Scott Palmer Driver Ron French Driver
Logan Brooks Driver Tahir Pasha Driver
Jeff Barker Driver Bert Yahasz Driver
Ron Mitchell Driver Ed Dana Driver
Ryan Williams Driver Bill Greene Driver
Tyler Carrow Driver