Annual Report

February 11, 2008
2007 Annual Report to the Public

During the 2007 calendar year the Ogdensburg Volunteer Rescue Squad’s 47 volunteers and 12 paid staff responded to 2102 incidents and transported 1977 patients. The OVRS responded to 1305 calls originating in the City of Ogdensburg, 386 calls in the Town of Oswegatchie, 118 calls, in the Town of Lisbon, 104 calls in the Village of Heuvelton, 64 calls in the Town of Morristown, 58 calls in the Town of Waddington, 32 calls in the Town of Hammond, 23 calls in the Town of Depeyster, 3 calls in the Town of Macomb, 2 calls each in the Village of Rennselaer Falls, Town of Dekalb, Town of Herman, and 1 call each in the Town of Madrid, Town of Russell, and Town of Rossie.

The OVRs treated patients for the following complaints: abdominal pain - 75, airway obstruction - 4, allergic reactions - 5, altered level of consciousness - 24, behavioral problems - 36, burns - 3, cardiac arrest - 17, cardiac dysrhytmias - 29, chest pain - 143, diabetic symptoms - 72, general illness - 225, hemorrhaging/bleeding - 92, hyperthermia - 1, hypothermia - 1, hypovolemia - 1, inhalation injury - 1, obvious death - 5, overdose/poisoning - 45, pregnancy/OB - 10, respiratory arrest - 1, respiratory distress - 257, seizures - 105, stings/bites - 3, stroke/CVAs - 48, syncope/fainting - 57, trauma - 208, and 386 other minor medical problems.

The 47 volunteer members of the OVRS donated in excess of 24,000 hours of service to their communities during 2007. At the current minimum wage of $7.15, this represents a $171,600.00 donation. Remember, the volunteers of the OVRS do not receive any compensation or payment for their service. There are six volunteers with over 20 years of service, five volunteers with 15 - 19 years of service, one volunteer with 10 - 14 years of service, six with 5 - 9 years of service, twelve with 1 - 4 years of service and eight in their first year of service with the OVRS.

The volunteer membership of the OVRS currently consists of one Paramedic, seven Advanced Critical Care EMTs, 4 Intermediate EMTs, 14 Basic EMTs, and 12 drivers. The paid staff consists of three full time and six part time Advanced Life Support Providers. The OVRS currently employees two Paramedics and seven Advanced Critical Care EMTs. The OVRS has at least one Advanced Life Support Provider on duty 24 hours a day.

The OVRS made two major purchases in 2007. In April a new Chevrolet Tahoe ALS intercept vehicle was placed in service. This vehicle is used when the OVRS is providing advanced life support service to our neighboring rescue squads. It is also set up to tow the boat and special response trailer to emergency scenes. The engines on the offshore rescue boat were replaced early in the boating season.

In 2007 the OVRS placed CPAP units in all of it’s ambulances to aid in the treatment of COPD and congestive heart failure. The OVRS also became the first ambulance service in St. Lawrence County to carry narcotics for the treatment of pain and sedation.

The members of the offshore rescue dive team became certified in the use of enriched air. This provides them with an increased amount of dive time and an increased level of safety. Two members of the dive team became certified as Dive Masters. The dive team currently consists of 14 members. One Master Scuba Instructor, four Dive Masters, one Master Diver, two Advanced Divers, four wreck divers, five ice divers, six Rescue Divers, six Search & Rescue Divers, and 16 boat operators.

The Extrication Team operates a heavy rescue truck equipped with the AMKUS Ultimate System for extrication. The unit is equipped with hydraulic cutters, spreaders, and rams. A full set of air bags for lifting and a set of rescue jacks for stabilizing and lifting vehicles are also carried. The OVRS also operates a Special Response Trailer for prolonged on scene operations and support at events such as fires, search and recovery operations, and special events.

The current officers of the Ogensburg Volunteer Rescue Squad are: Jean McLear, President; Bob Bromley, Vice-President; Matt McDonald, Secretary; Storm Cilley, Treasurer; Steve Fortune, Scott Cole, and Chris Havens, Board of Directors; Dave Montroy, Assistant Director of Operations, John Porter, Offshore Rescue Coordinator; Bill Lovely, Offshore Rescue Captain; Dave Montroy and Jim Lewis, Extrication Coordinators. The OVRS’s Medical Director is Dr. Christopher Comeau.

The Ogdensburg Volunteer Rescue Squad wishes to thank the citizens of the communities that we serve. You are invited to learn more about us at our website: Visitors and inquiries about becoming a member are always welcome. We are located at 101 State Street, Ogdensburg NY, and can be reached by phone at 315-393-0837.

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